Lazy Sundays

So today I decided to totally revamp my bathroom, I started off by throwing away stuff I didnt need and replaced it by stuff I had knocking about 

Excited.. .. ..

VERY!! Hehe

So by getting rid of the stuff I don’t need and putting in my everyday essentials.
I must say, I can’t stress enough that us Single Mums need our downtime and we certainly are in need to take care or ourselves!

I’ve put a few suggestions in place for your very own bath Spa, You can start by using what u have and can always add to it little by little 

  • Bath Milk (Baylis & Harding)
  • Bath bombs or bath Fizzers
  • Bubble bath by Radox
  • Shower jelly (Lush shop)
  • Bubble soap bar
  • Bath spa machine (eBay)
  • Candles (preferably large ones)               

Baths never felt sooooo good!!


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