Kids Crafts Clearouts

Well today I received my first lot of crafts bundles that I bidded for on eBay, luckily I won!! Hehe I love being a winner I mean don’t we all aha
But in all fairness we just keep bidding and looking and try, try again 

I just put in the search engine: 

  • Kids crafts clear outs
  • Kids craft bundles
  • And crafts joblot

You will be surprised what you will find!

Also try Gumtree in your local area, as current childminders are getting rid of crafts they no longer need & ask at your local nursery or school if they are having any clear outs.
This helps with children’s school activities at home and keeps them from being bored.


2 thoughts on “Kids Crafts Clearouts

  1. Crafts every afternoon while children need a break from sun and heat are so great! Making puppets or something to play with really means a lot more time using what they made! (Just one suggestion!) Hugs Robin 🎨


    1. Yes, this is true I’m slowly learning new things for me and the kids to do especially with the weather at this present time πŸ™‚ this post is a pretty simple idea, finding bundles on ebay for mother’s who struggle with getting school activities done at home My next ideas will spring from forestry schooling and finding way children can learn in outdoor play. But yes you are spot on if there is anything children crave is your time it’s just finding the resources that’s all.

      And thank you for the follow πŸ™‚ glad to have you on board 😊


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