Early Spring Fire Pit

So today was a lovely day as most of you would also agree, Early spring and we had decent weather to say the least!!

So while the sun was out I decided to get a BBQ going 

Not just any BBQ …..  Oh no…., this one was different. 

So my neighbour had some things knocking about his back garden and I noticed a washing machine drum, yes thats right- a washing machine drum 

So me and the kids as well as their mates decided to fill it with the wood fire and coal

I ignited it and away it went.

We got some chicken out and marinated it in different sauces etc and got it cooking 

I’m happy with the results! 

You can pick these up in your local area on Gumtree or oder them off of eBay they are pretty cheap and a cheaper option for a BBQ without lavishing lots of money on one.

The chicken came out lovely btw was a really good idea, I’m really pleased that it actually worked


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