Upcyling Your Old Clothes

So with the weather coming out to play just in time for Easter, being short of cash I’m in need of some new clothes! But at the moment I just can’t afford it. So I went through my draws and found old pairs of jeans or well worn ones and tops and decided to totally restyle them into ripped shorts πŸ˜‰

So I measured on my leg with a pen how much lenght I wanted to take off (bearing in mind I’m leaving 2 more inches for turnovers) and then I cut right the way across .

I then started making small little cuts on the actual jeans with scissors, just small lines will do 

I did the same on the pockets at the back.

So from this point my cuts are where I want them etc …..

We then put them on a normal wash in the washing machine and wait for them to finish

 ..    …   ……

I now wait …..




Gok Wan eat your heart out ……,I must say I’m impressed πŸ™‚ My pockets on the back came out good too πŸ™‚

It wasn’t time consuming and definetly worth the effort. You can find many ideas on You Tube and the videos are pretty straightfoward and easy to copy and follow. 

I also Managed to make an off the shoulder top too πŸ™‚ so before you throw your old clothes, see if there’s anything you can do to recycle them.


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