Finding Your Inner Self

inner self

What is the meaning of finding your Inner self? What if I was to tell you it could change your life and you could experience a wonderful part of who you are, parts you never knew existed or just discovering a brand new you.

For me it started a few month, I started really looking at how I wanted to change certain aspects about me but I wasn’t to sure how to go about it, For a long time I felt trapped and ashamed to really express who I was and how I wanted to come across to the world. It started by me really sitting down and looking at different things I could change in my life and adapt to new ways of thinking,  new ways of changing my personality, and my whole outside appearance I was sick of following suit so to speak and decided it wasn’t for me anymore.

So I started with a complete new hair style that I wouldn’t of dreamed of getting but it was part of shifting away from old patterns and expressing the new me I was always a great believer that it just takes you to step outside of your comfort zone and you was already on your way. I then started looking at my wardrobe and throwing old clothes away I would look in charity shops and high street shops of little things like books, bags and jewellery completely not the sort that I was into but I could still adapt to it because there part of me that liked the items and so i was willing to go for it and to give it a go. I then started eating better even if it was just 3 times per week and swapping my snacks for fruit and sugary drinks for water although it was hard I weren’t dying by trying lol

But within a few weeks of this lifestyle change and change in habits slowly and surely this shift started rubbing off on other people, I started to see I was drawing their attention and I was suddenly more attractive and I didn’t completely know why……So I researched and looked into this and I started to find reasons and they were as follows:

  • Spiritually people start assuming your a better person! You see you’ve gone from the same old same old day in day out persona and gone about your daily life in the same old usual ways to really working on yourself from the inside your likes dislikes have changed so for instance the hair cut I mentioned to others they love it to me I’m a little unsure, but by others liking my new hairstyle it made me more confident and it was confidence that in turn made people draw closer to me it also made me feel that it was I actually made the right decision by having this choice of this hairstyle might actually suit me better and I may come across by looking better and feeling better in myself that I’m no longer stressed as much as I was before slowly I have actually changed and my outward appearance has, so basically your now coming across an all rounded better person to your peers,
  • Somehow you’ve communicated to the universe that you want to change all aspects about you and in turn the universe has communicated back! So all around you the the change was good and for the better, There is so much extensive evidence on this by working with the universe and the law of attraction.
  • Just a few  little improvements has caught peoples attention and now they want to know your secret, what goes on for you behind closed doors, how interesting you’ve become, your now mysterious and trust me…… this is a good thing.

You see changing your inner self isn’t as hard as people think! and You are what you ‘think’ its a scientific fact if you keep telling yourself ‘It would never work’ or ‘I’m not good enough’, I cant do it’  your already setting yourself up for failure and nothing will ever change. It starts of slow, nothing major you start to see what’s working for you and what’s not as you start changing certain things that goes on in your life your able to keep making changes as your already doing it you’ve made that step, you have to understand a lot someone feeling like they don’t want to try or by not taking those little steps would really stem from fear and I cannot stress enough that just that one change will give you that confidence to keep you going.

keeping an eye on your self awareness your thoughts, words and actions and thinking about how you can change them if negative or how you could use them in positive ways in your life. Read positive books, stay away from any form of negativity if you can help it, try not to let things stress you like they once did 6 months ago. Try to use the best attributes of your personality that you admire or that you admire in someone and feel yourself becoming more like this. Be fully aware of YOU and try to become a better version of YOU. Someone couldn’t of said that any better because the bottom line is, it is only YOU that YOU can love and take care of for the rest of your life.

I have had to really get myself involved in reading up on this, and I’m loving the path that I’m on I see the changes I feel the attraction, I’m  creating a better personality an interesting personality, I’m on this journey as well as you if you want to be, I’m really looking at getting back to nature learning along the way and sharing these positive experiences with you and any comments you feel to leave on my blog around any of my story’s and experiences is more then welcome because we are here to learn from each other

But I will admit this is the best time of my life right about now because I’m learning new things about me that lay doormat or that I had suppressed or that I simply didn’t know existed and I can honestly say this is just the beginning!