Having your own Individuality


“Ethnic, Gothic, or Hippy? It makes no difference to me, for I will always be different not caring if someone accepts my individuality, for I am 1 and never expected to give anymore of me, My individuality is on sight for all to see, and that’s all of me”





Do you often look at people of a different nature and suddenly hate them? Do you seem to not quite understand them? Or do you view these people as mysterious, people that make you want to know more about ?

You see I’ve realised these people are happy, go lucky people with their own sense of self and have their own view on the world and from this view I saw warmth, inner peace, and tranquillity. for 2 weeks I started doing things they would do and I must say I’m absolutely amazed! I was sick of the usual on my lunch break I was also sick of doing the same thing day in day out. Part of this journey is to explore and find out things of other people. popular cultures and ethnicities in order to make positive changes in my life, instead of the usual café of coffee shop, I went to lovely restaurants which consisted of a wholesome menu of beautiful food with an ethnic touch, The food ranged from pouched eggs, to avocado and lime ciabatta, home smoked salmon and vegan brunches, and lets not begin with the drinks, sherbet lemonade and watermelon iced teas ….. The food absolutely to die for!! the restaurant was full of art of which was of peoples drawings the element was wood with upcycled furniture with all different cushions on the chairs, it was very inviting I must say, and also welcoming as I also met lovely people in the café one lady had complimented on my hair as I had a few electric blue hair extensions in the ends of my hair she said it looked very cosmic! I had greeted her with a smile and said thank you it was quite uplifting as I was a little worried I had looked a little stupid and wasn’t able to carry it off.

She on the other hand was very tribal she wore fair trade clothes a lovely crystal necklace and had different colour dreadlocks in her hair, I thought it looked fab, as we got talking she told me she was a Reiki teacher for a living and came with such positive energy around her I was truly amazed, she went onto tell me the benefits of Reiki as I found this interesting and it definitely  caught my attention. My Reiki session will be booked soon and I will let you know the outcome on my future blog.

After I had a lovely bit of lunch on my lunch break I then went to a charity shop and started looking for pleated skirts long printed skirts cropped trousers and anything gothic or of that nature! I found denim jackets and denim knee length skirts along with printed novelty tees And to my amazement I did also find a gothic bag that has speakers for eyes that u can just plug your mobile phone in from a aux connection. I absolutely fell in love with my items that I was ready to embrace the changes into my life and express my individuality to the world, I loved the fact that people wasn’t judgemental of me and I felt comfortable learning new ideas to adapt to a new personality. This was about learning from others, opening up to people in their world and taking elements of it home with me to explore.

I still have lots to do and I’m excited to learn more and just really get out there and start living, finding new interesting people in my life 🙂 and so far so good as I have a day booked to meet my new friend in the same café to talk about Reiki and book a session, I’m also learning meeting new interesting people can be easily done if your ready to venture out get out there.

My next blog will be on this topic as I will be looking at the benefits and welcoming it into my life.