Upcyling Your Old Clothes

So with the weather coming out to play just in time for Easter, being short of cash I’m in need of some new clothes! But at the moment I just can’t afford it. So I went through my draws and found old pairs of jeans or well worn ones and tops and decided to totally restyle them into ripped shorts 😉

So I measured on my leg with a pen how much lenght I wanted to take off (bearing in mind I’m leaving 2 more inches for turnovers) and then I cut right the way across .

I then started making small little cuts on the actual jeans with scissors, just small lines will do 

I did the same on the pockets at the back.

So from this point my cuts are where I want them etc …..

We then put them on a normal wash in the washing machine and wait for them to finish

 ..    …   ……

I now wait …..




Gok Wan eat your heart out ……,I must say I’m impressed 🙂 My pockets on the back came out good too 🙂

It wasn’t time consuming and definetly worth the effort. You can find many ideas on You Tube and the videos are pretty straightfoward and easy to copy and follow. 

I also Managed to make an off the shoulder top too 🙂 so before you throw your old clothes, see if there’s anything you can do to recycle them.


Early Spring Fire Pit

So today was a lovely day as most of you would also agree, Early spring and we had decent weather to say the least!!

So while the sun was out I decided to get a BBQ going 

Not just any BBQ …..  Oh no…., this one was different. 

So my neighbour had some things knocking about his back garden and I noticed a washing machine drum, yes thats right- a washing machine drum 

So me and the kids as well as their mates decided to fill it with the wood fire and coal

I ignited it and away it went.

We got some chicken out and marinated it in different sauces etc and got it cooking 

I’m happy with the results! 

You can pick these up in your local area on Gumtree or oder them off of eBay they are pretty cheap and a cheaper option for a BBQ without lavishing lots of money on one.

The chicken came out lovely btw was a really good idea, I’m really pleased that it actually worked

Kids Crafts Clearouts

Well today I received my first lot of crafts bundles that I bidded for on eBay, luckily I won!! Hehe I love being a winner I mean don’t we all aha
But in all fairness we just keep bidding and looking and try, try again 

I just put in the search engine: 

  • Kids crafts clear outs
  • Kids craft bundles
  • And crafts joblot

You will be surprised what you will find!

Also try Gumtree in your local area, as current childminders are getting rid of crafts they no longer need & ask at your local nursery or school if they are having any clear outs.
This helps with children’s school activities at home and keeps them from being bored.

Lazy Sundays

So today I decided to totally revamp my bathroom, I started off by throwing away stuff I didnt need and replaced it by stuff I had knocking about 

Excited.. .. ..

VERY!! Hehe

So by getting rid of the stuff I don’t need and putting in my everyday essentials.
I must say, I can’t stress enough that us Single Mums need our downtime and we certainly are in need to take care or ourselves!

I’ve put a few suggestions in place for your very own bath Spa, You can start by using what u have and can always add to it little by little 

  • Bath Milk (Baylis & Harding)
  • Bath bombs or bath Fizzers
  • Bubble bath by Radox
  • Shower jelly (Lush shop)
  • Bubble soap bar
  • Bath spa machine (eBay)
  • Candles (preferably large ones)               

Baths never felt sooooo good!!


We’re not Existing, We’re Living

Welcome to my blog.

My inspiration for this blog stems from my own journey!

For the last few years I’ve slowly started to learn how to love myself and start living, yet I’m still learning and I would like to share my journey with you and try to reach out to others what works for me or what you feel resonates​ with you.

I’m currently a student studying teaching and CBT, to eventually become a mentor so I will be basing some of my knowledge on books and research, as well as my own understanding.

This blog I hope will be enjoyable and readable,  hopefully my blog can help you to find yourself and finally begin to love yourself and find peace and balance​ in your everyday lives.